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We dig highways at a minimum of 3 blocks high & 3 blocks wide to facilitate easy cheat-assisted travel, such as ElytraFly, BoatFly, & EntitySpeed. The eventual goal is to expand all highways to a size of 6x4.

Thanks to MEG, the 8 main Nether highways are now a minimum of 3x3 all the way from spawn to the overworld world-border.


  • -X, -Z
  • +X, +Z
  • +X, -Z
  • -X, +Z


  • +X
  • +Z
  • -X
  • -Z

Other Initiatives

In addition to highways, MEG works on other projects on 2b2t, namely the Ring Roads.

125k Ring Road

The 125k Ring Road is located at any 125k coordinate in the nether, corresponding to 1 million blocks overworld. As of August 1st, 2020, the entire ring road has been dug to MEG standards (3x3). Paving completed on the 13th of January, 2021.

250k Ring Road

The 250k Ring Road is located at any 250k coordinate in the nether, corresponding to 2 million blocks overworld. This dig was completed by Harritaco, Jonanen, and Paragon on the 3rd of January, 2021.

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How can I help?
Digging highways takes commitment. You will be investing a lot of time into staring at Netherrack. It is usually best to dig with an alt account, or have a spare alt to use while your main digs. It is also recommended to have purchased priority queue for your account (we will not buy you priority). You must also make your way to a dig site on your own: we are not a charity and won't provide you with Elytra or any other gear.

If you are still interested, reach out to us in our Discord. You will not be provided with any gear until you prove yourself to the group.

Are you and HWU the same?
No. MEG and HWU maintain peaceful relations and cooperate on 2b2t, but work on different projects for the most part.

Can I have a kit?
... No.

Resource Pack Designer

Build your own custom resource pack with textures created and curated by MEG members! Any pack generated is compatible with any other resource pack installed as it only changes the textures you choose.

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